Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Normal Service is Resumed

I've finally shook off my running funk. Last time I posted (Saturday) I really just wasn't happy with all things running. I took Sunday off, yes that did involve skipping an 8 mile run, oops.
It was what I needed though. I went out for a 5 mile run this morning. It was cooler (70F) than it has been in a while and it felt great. I still have one or two spots that could use work with the foam roller but the wooden legs are gone and my foot didn't hurt at all (in fact I forgot all about it). Who could be peed off with a cute stretching buddy anyhow.
I guess sometimes I just need to let things go a little and if I need an extra day off to rest or just clear my head then so be it. Sorry for being a negative Nancy!!

Mud Bog at The South Carolina Peach Festival

An interesting cultural experience on Sunday at the South Carolina Peach Festival in Gaffney, SC. Cars do a timed run through a mud filled trench. I'm sure it would catch on in Ireland, lots of rain means lots of mud, and we're pretty into our car racing. 
No offence meant but this was Country (I'm from the middle of nowhere)....a totally different feel to hanging out in Columbia. It was really hot but fun. I'm sure if I wasn't driving and had time to hang out for longer I would have got into the spirit of things.
Of course Boomer loves being out in public

Peachoid Water tower, Gaffney Sc
Peaches..it was a peach festival after all