Monday, 31 August 2015

Boston Pictures

I'm in love with Boston. If I end up living for longer in the US it would be one of my go to cities on the East coast to move to. Lots of universities and tons of biotech..what better place for two biologists. I tried to see as much of the city as possible and even crossed the Boston Marathon finish line in the only capacity it's going to happen in... Unoffically! Besides that and whale watching I got to do a ton of cool stuff like tour the Sam Adams Brewery, since I can't choose between pictures enjoy this photo dump.

Training week

I'm a little behind on my posting and its a bit overwhelming, so just to keep myself accountable, here is a short training recap from last week.

Monday- Flying back from Boston and super sore after the race on Sunday-rest

Tuesday-2 miles at 10.30 min/mile

Wednesday-Swimming 30 minutes at lunch, lost part of my goggles but miraculously found the clear piece of plastic when I stood on it. Lawn mowing for an hour in the evening.

Thursday- 4 miles at 10 min/mile

Friday- Bodypump 1 hour (at last) at 7am and hot yoga class 1 hour 15 at 6pm

Saturday- DOMs to the max- 4 miles at 9.04 min/mile

Sunday- 5.5 miles, washed out of it mid run and for the subsequent 3 miles. I felt like I was in the pool. It was lovely and cooling but it killed my phone :(

This week I've been sleeping a lot, something I didn't do while I was away. This is probably also because I'm back into the swing of Bodypump and feel like I'll be paying for my break for a few weeks. To combat this I've started trying to get in 30 minutes of gentle (<--outside of classes, class=killer hard) yoga a day to recover and get a little flexibility back.